Đẹp tiếng Anh là gì?

Đẹp tiếng Anh là gì?

Đáp án: Beautiful

Phát âm: UK /ˈbjuː.tɪ.fəl/ – US /ˈbjuː.t̬ə.fəl/

Định nghĩa: very attractive:

  • a beautiful woman
  • breathtakingly beautiful scenery
  • She was wearing a beautiful dress.

Ví dụ: 

  • This is a very beautiful and useful book.
  • He asked whether an architect ought to be granted such wide latitude to ‘butcher really beautiful buildings’.
  • Her beautiful dream will, of course, be destroyed; violence, literal and verbal, will mock it.
  • That some of these products are astonishingly beautiful does not negate the essential naivety of the thinking.
  • This is a beautiful example of how languages grammaticalize the notions that are relevant to language users.
  • Every individual entity is beautiful, perhaps – but that leaves ugliness in plenty to be transformed or salvaged.
  • Therefore, accompanied by their spouses and other ethically challenged luminaries, they settled in a beautiful international site and decided to rewrite their document.
  • The voices are beautiful and well suited to the roles.
  • An extremely beautiful photographic record of a row of vortices in the case of 8 = 75″ is shown in figure 15.
  • Wonder at any natural scene that is beautiful.
  • It’s a very well arranged cemetery with a beautiful array of tombstones.
  • Despite the existence of reduplicative compounds, reduplication as a morphological process is nevertheless unproductive (*beautiful-beautiful, *happy-happy).
  • The book provides an excellent, detailed insight into the beautiful and intriguing environment that has enabled the microelectronics revolution.
  • But why is this more beautiful than the classical elegance of pre-planned harmony.
  • The graph in figure 12 shows a beautiful picture of what happens.

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