Mail Rate is pleased to offer you the lowest rates in
the state of South Dakota! provides a variety of great mail forwarding
services customized to meet your needs.  The service rate includes
sorting, repackaging, and forwarding per your requested schedule. 
There are NO additional charges for special sorting, mailing supplies
such as envelopes, labels, etc.  The actual shipping costs are
deducted from your prepaid postage account.  You have four
choices of shipping methods, which includes USPS, UPS, FedEx
or DHL, all available at their actual shipping costs with NO additional
charges. We are excited to include some personal features you may also enjoy,
such as individual address cards (indicating your new mailing address),
“No Mail Notification” notices, and personalized return address labels. 
Please note all of the above mentioned personal features are all inclusive
with the “Gold” package.The “On Demand”, “Gold” package includes an email notification as
you receive mail.  This service allows you to decide what mail you want sent,
when and how.  You needn’t respond to the email until you want the mail
forwarded.    Example: 

    Dear XYZ,    As of today, 10-3-05, you have received the following pieces of mail. 
    Your mail will be held until forwarding instructions are received.     1 – piece from Wells Fargo Bank, Madison, SD
    2 – pieces from First Madison Insurance, Madison, SD
    1 – Highways Magazine    Best Regards,
    Terri Lund
    MyDakotaAddressIf you desire to establish residency in the great (and tax friendly!) state of
South Dakota, is here to help with that too. 
Services include assistance in registering your vehicle(s), RVs, and or boats,
obtaining a South Dakota Drivers License, and voter registration. Please contact us for a free RV or vehicle insurance quote.You are invited to review the services and pricing shown below.  Please
contact us at 1-605-427-5863, 1-866-202-2163 or for more information.