Định mệnh tiếng Anh là gì?

Định mệnh tiếng Anh là gì?

Đáp án: Destiny

Phát âm: UK /ˈdes.tɪ.ni/ – US /ˈdes.tɪ.ni/

Định nghĩa: The things that will happen in the future:

  • The destiny of our nation depends on this vote!
  • People want to control/determine/take charge of their own destinies.
  • She felt that her destiny had been shaped by her gender.

Ví dụ:

  • We may readily pose this question in terms of postmortem destinies.
  • Concentration on moral categories leads some authors to overrate the extent to which humans can subdue their lower natures and act to decide their own destinies.
  • Their libertarianism consists largely in acknowledging refractory incongruities that distinguish various moral communities, and in insisting that communities remain free to chart their own moral destinies.
  • In those countries whose destinies have been guided by people determined, come what may, to preserve their own privileges there has been disaster.
  • I understand the frustration that they feel when decisions about their livelihoods and work destinies are taken so far away from local level.
  • In a life-and-death struggle we cannot afford to have our destinies in the hands of failures or men who need a rest.
  • At some time or other, if luck comes our way, we may be called upon to control the destinies of the nation.
  • We must put an end to selfishness and see our destinies bound together.
  • We have been in control of their destinies for 125 or 130 years.
  • Other factors which are often beyond the control of those who guide the destinies of particular newspapers result in failure.
  • There has been a divorce between the instruments of government and the people over whose destinies they preside.
  • We prefer to entrust our fate to their verdict rather than to the gentlemen who have hitherto had too much power in shaping our destinies.
  • Certainly it would not affect the destinies of this country.
  • They must not deny to the peoples of those territories the right to decide their own destinies, not only politically but economically as well.
  • The destinies of people who will rely in future on social housing at affordable rents will be determined by the decisions that we take today.

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